Dr. Jose (Pepe) Valencia


Ok, I know was born with the vocation of a M.D, but the traditional way to be a doctor is going to the school some years and finally get a document which allows to practice all what we’ve learned. That’s it. Then, in front of the first patient we recognize how poor were all those years, books and experiences with the teachers and my conclusion was that the real teachers are the patients and the nurses.

My school teachers always ordered me not to get involved with the patient.

Then, in many, many cases, even when the disease was diagnosed, I found no medication in the entire world to cure it…

I saw many doctors “attending the elderly” in no more than 15 minutes…

So I decided to make changes, changes from the very root of my practice: I use no more a watch, no white coat, no desk, always eye contact, physical contact (inviting with this gesture the patient to keep on talking), listening all his/her complains, I get involved with him/her, and of course personalizing the treatment, to do this, I studied many medical alternatives, and of course as far as I can, know the patient’s family and environment, since I now they are part of the cause of the so called disease. This is integrative medicine.

The real medicine resides inside the patient; once being listen, the treatment is easier, because any doctor who practices these important points is a good one, because comprehends that attitude, nutrition, goals, affectivity, spirituality, sexuality, sense to belong to a place, identity, freedom, are the most important factors without which the person may became ill.

Voltaire says: “The secret of the medicine is to distract the patient until his own nature finds the cure for his illness”

PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE.- After the 50’s men and women must periodically practice all lab exams doctors ask, but in some cases they forget to ask thyroid profile which is very important for the changes our bodies show after that age, memory among others.

LAURA’S LAST WISH.- Laura was one of my authors (I edit, print and publish in an international literary scenario (Feria Internacional del Libro) books from people over the 60’s, because this is a very powerful motivation to them). When Laura knew I was moving to SMA, made me a request:

“- Pepe I want you to be close to me when I die, this is all I ask”

After a year and a half I was notified she was seriously ill. So I drove to Guadalajara, then to the hospital where she was. As soon I entered to the ICU she smiled and told me:

“- Pepe, let’s go to my home, I want to die there”

So we did. It was necessary to rent an oxygen concentrator, I.V. stands, and some other items to facilitate her staying at home.

Three or two day later, it was 2 a.m. one of her daughters called me saying Laura was sicker. So I went to see her.  She smiled again, then, patting the edge of the bed invited me to sit… to lay beside her. So I did.

She leaned on my shoulder and told me:

“- Pepe you made true my most wanted wishes; I learned from you to dream big, aim high and have goals to every day of my life, and enjoy every moment. I thank you for that; I want you to know that I love you more than anyone in my life”

…then she tossed away the oxygen mask and kissed me briefly in my lips with her eyes closed. She kept her eyes closed and 5 minutes after…she died.

A HAPPY TIP.- Memory problems may be due to mild urine tract infections. Acidify the urine with citrics such as lemon, orange, lime or vitamin C. if the problem persists call your doctor.



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  1. Ciertamente esa es la atención a la que debemos ir, a la escucha consciente-verdadera, de la psique, de las emociones, del reflejo del cuerpo que nos dice más que el silencio.